Day Porter Sanitation

Butler’s Mobile Cleaning Source provides day porter services to maintain your office, lobby, shopping center, or entire facility.

Our well trained and professional personnel will address cleaning issues as they arise during their shift, which ensures that proper care will be administered to your business environment.

Butler’s Mobile Cleaning Source sidewalk cleaning service was designed for properties that want to keep their sidewalks free from gum and stains associated with high foot traffic. It’s an excellent way to make sure visitors get a good first impression.

We identify our work area by using safety cones, “Wet Floor” signs and “Caution” tape, if necessary. The workers are required to wear their safety gear at all times, which includes safety vests and goggles.

Butler’s Mobile Cleaning Source follows “Best Management Practices” guidelines

While pressure washing sidewalks we determine the high and low spots of the pavement, which allows us to recognize where the wash water will pool up for water collection. All storm drains in the washing area will be blocked in compliance with environmental regulations, with our Latimat Storm Drain Covers.

Any additional paths that will allow water to run off into the storm drains will be blocked. Butler’s Mobile Cleaning Source uses water booms and/or a vacuum boom waste water capture system, to collect and capture any water that flows away from the washing area.

The recovery pump system will be placed appropriately around the storm drain covers in order to collect wash water runoff that may pool in the covered area. Butler’s Mobile Cleaning Source uses a vacuum system with an oil and water separator that recycles the wash water.

The filters from the wash that contain oil and/or debris, are all thoroughly disposed of.