Restaurant Hood Cleaning

Every year, thousands of restaurant fires are reported and usually originate in the kitchen/cooking area. Grease fires spread very quickly and can destroy the entire building. To protect your place of business from fire damage, Butler’s Mobile Cleaning Source will regularly and thoroughly clean and maintain your kitchen exhaust system, appliances, floors and walls to your exact specifications.

Your kitchen exhaust system will be cleaned to perfection by removing all grease and flammable residue, keeping in compliance with all applicable fire and health codes. We clean the entire system according to IKECA (International Kitchen Exhaust Cleaners Association) and NFPA 96 Standards for Ventilation Control and Fire Protection.

We will expertly and thoroughly deep-clean your kitchen appliances from all grease, oils, dirt and burnt on char.

We will expertly and thoroughly clean grease off all types of flooring, including tile and grout, using an effective alkaline based degreaser.

For a complete cleaning of the kitchen ceiling and walls, we remove all equipment out of the way and cover with a protective sheeting. We then clean and sanitize all the walls and ceiling, removing oil, grease and soot. The equipment is wiped down as well and put back into position. The entire area is left in a clean and orderly condition.

Butler’s Mobile Cleaning Source will provide you with a free inspection and quote of your current kitchen exhaust system, floors, walls and appliance cleaning needs by our professional, certified and competent staff. We come to your site during non-business hours to perform our cleaning service, in order to not interrupt your business operations and complete the cleaning before the next business day.

We can customize a schedule and frequency according to your company image standards and volume demands.