Fleet Washing

For over 18 years, Butler’s Mobile Cleaning Source has provided truck and fleet owners with simple and affordable fleet washing services with outstanding customer service. Butler’s provides on-site mobile fleet washing services for numerous local and national fleet operations.

Butler’s fleet washing method consist of a time-tested procedure which involves an environmentally friendly vehicle washing soap. We use the traditional fleet washing method in which we apply the soap to the fleet vehicle and wash with soft non-scratch brushes by hand. Extra extended rods and hoses are used to clean hard to reach or high areas on the fleet vehicles. The wash is then followed with a thorough rinsing of the soap. We assure that all wash water is properly contained, collected, and disposed. The wash water will be vacuumed into a wastewater tank located on our vehicles.  All wash water is removed from the customer site and recycled or disposed of according to State, Federal and local laws.

Each fleet site is reviewed by a certified environmental cleaning specialist. Our turnkey system allows us to guarantee our customers that their fleet vehicles will be cleaned and looking their best in a timely, effective and environmentally safe manner.

Because Butler’s service trucks are completely portable and independent, with a combination of pressure, flow, chemicals and temperature, we are able to accomplish a wide variety of fleet cleaning services. We always ensure that the work site is left clean and tidy after we have completed our services on every site.

We come to your fleet site during non-business hours and wash all your fleet before the next business day. We can customize a fleet washing schedule and frequency according to your company standards and volume demands.

Quality assurance is essential and we will assign a Butler’s Quality Assurance Representative to your account, providing you with individual attention, assuring all your fleet wash needs are met, and that you are completely pleased and satisfied.

Our mobile fleet washing method includes:

  • Application of non-corrosive, biodegradable cleansers to the entire fleet vehicle
  • Good old fashioned elbow grease and hand scrubbing to most fleet vehicles with soft brushes to remove grime, oil and dirt without harming the vehicle.
  • Detail oriented leaving no area overlooked.
  • Water recovery system which isolates and collects all wastewater.
  • We can clean the inside of trailers, buses, trains, trucks, LLV’s and much more.
  • Exterior washes
  • Vehicle Disinfecting
  • Trailer washouts
  • Interior cleaning
  • Engine steam cleaning
  • Decal removal
  • Degreasing of rims, frames and engines
  • The capability of handling heavy oil and solids that are often removed from degreasing and washing tractors and trailers
  • Extra extended rods and hoses in order to clean hard to reach areas, such as the top of trailers